Fiber Lasers (Test Page)

Fibermak G-Force

The Fibermak Gen-3 combines unparalleled speed, accuracy and cut quality. It is the best fiber laser cutting machine available at a lower cost than its competition. The G Force system enables 2.5g acceleration providing an additional 15% decrease in production time. The IPG resonators are paired with a Precitec Auto Focus head, providing the fastest speeds from thick plate down to thinner materials.

• IPG Power Supply Up To 10kW
• Customizable Table Sizes 
• 2.5G Acceleration Speed 
• Shuttle Table – Rear and Side Load Capable 

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Fibermak Raptor

The Raptor is a fiber laser cutting machine that has been designed for the customer that does not need exceptional speed but can’t sacrifice cut quality. It requires less space and has a modular and ergonomic design. A user-friendly Beckhoff controller, high accuracy servo motors, and a Precitec cutting head are all included as standard. Lower cost without sacrificing quality.

• IPC Power Supply Up to 4kW          
• Up to 6.5’ x 13’ Cutting Table 
• 1.5G Acceleration Speed
• Shuttle Table 

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Fibermak Hawk

The Hawk is the perfect combination of price and performance. The single table design offers a lower floor space and easy loading and unloading. Offered from 500 watt to 2000 watt resonators the Hawk excels at quickly processing thinner material.

• IPG Power Supply Up to 2kW     
• 5' x 10' Single Table          
• 1G Acceleration         

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