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Over the past 15 years, Manufacturing Solutions has helped many companies quickly and efficiently liquidate their entire plants. Auctions are an excellent option when a company needs to liquidate a large amount of assets quickly and profitable. Manufacturing Solutions offers a variety of auctions for you to consider.

• Cash Purchase

• Guaranteed Sale Option

• Commission Sale


As you might expect, there is no one single solution to selling your surplus Machinery & Equipment. To be effective and profitable, surplus asset management requires a team effort to help identify and organize the underutilized resources throughout your company.

Once they are identified, Manufacturing Solutions liquidation group will help your company turn surplus assets into valuable cash by offering the newest ideas in surplus machinery recovery and liquidation.

By utilizing B2B online and offline strategies, internet auction and listing sites, direct mail and print advertising, as well as our extensive in-house retail buyer's database, we will connect your business with a worldwide network of pre-qualified buyers.

Call us at 714-545-0940 for more information