2018 10'x149 Ton Ermak 'Evo' CNC Press Brake

$119,500 (USD)

Santa Ana, CA

orCall (714) 545-0940

Equipped With

Delem 66T Touchscreen Control
4-Axis CNC Back Gauge (X, R, Z1 and Z2)
Y1 and Y2 on the Ram
CNC Crowning on the Bed
Akas 'Laser Safe' Safety System
Universal Punch Holders (European/American tooling)
Tooling Package w/ 4-Way Die
Single voltage machine - 460 Volt

*The 'Evo' is a Hybrid machine that uses very little hydraulic oil (10%) and 20%-30% of the electricity of a similar size brake as it is not drawing power when it is not running.


ModelEvo-3 3100-135
Stock Number3626
Approach Speed7.87 IPS
Bending Speed.47 IPS
Return Speed7.48 IPS
Back Gauge Travel31.5"
Back Gauge Speed19.69 IPS