2000 Watt Ermak Fibermak Raptor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2000 Watt Ermak Fibermak Raptor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Equipped With

15" Touch Screen Controller

IPG YLR 2000-Compact Power Supply

Precitec Lite Cutter Cutting Head

1 G High Speed Acceleration

Proportional Gas & Piping System

Gas & Air Control

Shuttle Table

Slug Conveyor

Suction System

Machine & Operator Safety System


Dust Collector

CAD/CAM Software

Lay-out Floor Plates

*Price Includes Installation and [1] Week of Operating, Programming, Panel and Maintenance Training w/ [1] Ermak Service Tech 


Stock NumberErmak Raptor
Resonator Wattage2000 Watt
CC (HQ) Brass5/32"
Power Range10 - 105%
Laser Beam Quality @ Collimator2 - 2.5
CC (HQ) Mild Steel5/8"
CC (HQ) Stainless Steel5/16"
CC (HQ) Aluminum1/4"
CC (HQ) Copper5/32"
Max. Worksheet Dimensions118"L x 59"W
Max. Weight1,653#
Machine Axes4-Axes (X,Y,Z,U)
Axial Movements X, U Axes120"
Axial Movements Y-Axis61"
Axial Movements Z-Axis6"
Accelerations X, U Axes1G
Accelerations Y-Axis1G
Accelerations Z-Axis2.5G
Max. Axes Velocities Simultaneous2756 IPM
Max. Axes Velocities X, Y Single Axis1969 IPM
Positioning Accuracy+/- .004
Repetition Accuracy+/- .0002
Shuttle TableAutomatic Single Pallet
Assist Gas Mild SteelOxygen (.5 - 6 Bar)
Assist Gas Stainless SteelNitrogen (.5 - 25 Bar)
Assist Gas AluminumDry Air or Nitrogen (.5 - 25)
Cutting HeadPrecitec Procutter
ControllerBeckhoff CP6242
CAD/CAM SoftwareLantek Expert Cut
Network ConnectionEthernet
Machine Dimensions343"x177"x87"H
Machine Weight20,502#