2019 Ileri Teknik Model V-275T Manual Circular Saw

$5,350 (USD)

Santa Ana, CA

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Equipped With

Saw Blade Air-Operated clamp for vice Electric coolant pump with tank


ManufacturerIleri Teknik
Stock Number3468
Max Saw Blade Size10.83"
Head Swivel90 °/ 45 °
Round3.35" / 2.76"
Square2.76"x2.76" / 2.36"x2.36"
Rectangle3.74"x2.36" / 2.76"x2.17"
Main Voltage400
Control Voltage24
Installed Power4.96 HP
Nominal Current1.35 Amps
Main Saw Motor1.34- 1.74 HP
Coolant Pump Motor.08 HP
Air Pressure6km/cm2
Blade Speed45/90 RPM
Net Weight485 lbs.
Machine Dimensions39.4" x 23.6" x 55.11"H