Each year, workers suffer approximately 125,000 caught, cut or crush injuries in the manufacturing industry. Most accidents occur when workers are distracted. Failure to take appropriate safety precautions can lead to time-lost incidents at your shop. Some can permanently disable your employees, but you can easily prevent injury to workers and damage to your equipment by following a few simple safety rules.


  • Properly maintain your equipment. Instruct your operators to always use the machine and tool guards provided with your equipment; they act as barriers between the moving parts and your body. Don’t reach around, under or through a guard and always report missing barriers to your supervisor. Turn equipment off and use lockout/tagout procedures before adjusting, clearing a jam, repairing, or servicing a machine. 

  • Training and safety training on manufacturing equipment is required. Be sure that all of your operators know how to safely work any equipment they are using. Explain that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Make sure safety signage is in place and readable. Make sure to have eye-wash stations and first aid kits readily available.

  • Dress appropriately for work with pants and sleeves that are not too long or too loose. Shirts should be fitted or tucked in. Avoid wearing loose and dangling jewelry. Tie back long hair and tuck braids and ponytails behind you or into your clothing. Wear the appropriate, well-fitting gloves for your job. Safety glasses should be worn at all times.

  • Keep your shop well-lit so your operators can see what they are doing. It may help to replace your lighting system with energy-efficient LED lighting that can put out brighter light for a lower power consumption rate than traditional lights can. Not only does this help you save money on lighting your machine shop, but these bulbs often last for years at a time, meaning they will need less frequent replacement.

If you have any questions regarding safety compliance, check with the US Department of Labor / OSHA and they can point you in the right directly.

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