There are many options when you are looking to sell your surplus industrial and metal working equipment. You can try to sell it yourself, sell through an auction house or through a machinery dealer. Your end goal it to receive the best price for your machinery within the shortest time.

What is a Used Machinery Dealer?


A used machinery dealer is essentially a broker who buys and/or sells for their customer without a title or ownership to the merchandise. In certain cases, the dealer may choose to purchase the equipment outright from the seller and take possession of said equipment. When brokering a machine, the dealer acts as an agent between seller and buyer. They can help find the right used machinery for your company needs or the find right buyer for the equipment you are selling.


What a Used Machinery Dealer Can Do For You


Not only can a used machinery dealer help you sell your surplus equipment, but they can help find used machinery your company needs. A good used equipment dealer can also help in the following areas:

·        Facilitate inspection of your equipment

·        Marketing and advertising of your equipment

·        Offer options for disconnect, pack and prep of your equipment prior to shipment

·        Offer options for rigging and trucking of your equipment

·        Offer options for financing if you are purchasing equipment


What You Should Look For in a Used Machinery Dealer


·        Experience – Make sure they have the expertise to negotiate on your behalf.  How long have they been in business? What do their customers say about them? Do they know the equipment you are selling or wish to purchase?

·        Availability and Accessibility – Getting your concerns and questions answered is a major advantage. Are they easy to reach? Do they have an online presence and website? Can you speak to them in person if necessary?

·        Reputation – A trustworthy and reliable dealer is vital. You can look at their dealings with other customers and credibility with service providers and other dealers/brokers. Check to see if they have memberships in associations like MDNA, AMEA, NTMA and SME.

·        Knowledge – Whether buying equipment or selling equipment, make sure the dealer knows the machinery. When selling equipment, they will have the contacts to get your equipment in front of the right buyer. When buying equipment, they will know the right equipment to fit your company’s needs.


Manufacturing Solutions is a full-service equipment dealer. We can assist with buying and selling of your equipment, appraisals, plant liquidation, on-site and on-line auctions and financing and leasing options. Ask us about our Finder’s Fee Program. We offer a wide range of new and quality used equipment. Give us a call!